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Nichole and Sarah Fight for Kids

In our season finale: When children are the victims of abuse, they need someone in their corner to make sure that seeking justice is a caring process. Sarah Stewart is the executive director of Kids First, a child advocacy center that helps kids who are victims get access to services like therapy and medical care, while making sure their stories are heard so a case can be built against their abusers. That’s where Nichole’s work comes in: She is the forensic interviewer and helps children feel safe enough to share what happened to them. She also works to build trust between kids and the juries who hear their stories. Today, Detective Dave – who has worked closely with Kids First as a sex crimes detective – sits down with Nichole and Sarah to talk about how trust is built, how kids navigate trauma, and why it’s better to be a conduit than a vessel.

Robert Weaver Hacks Phones for Good

Digital devices – phones, computers, tablets – have become integral to our daily lives. And they have become tools for criminals. What’s found on a suspect’s digital device could make or break a case. Ask Detective Robert Weaver, who specializes in digital forensics. He has uncovered troves of damning evidence by sifting through digital data while working at the department that once employed our twin detectives, Dan and Dave. Today, Detective Robert talks about how your phone knows more than you think, when and how police can seize devices, and how digital detectives have cracked cases wide open. Oh, and they talk about Artificial Intelligence, too!

Yael Bar Tur Goes Viral

In 2014, social media strategist Yael Bar tur took on one of the most significant projects in her career, when she was hired to revamp the public image of the New York Police Department. A year before, a federal judge had ruled the department’s controversial stop-and-frisk program was unconstitutional. For six years, Yael worked with the NYPD, weathering PR crises, building trust between civilians and law enforcement, and helping each city precinct develop its unique voice. Today, she sits down with Dan and Dave to talk about why every police department in the country should have a social media strategy and know how to respond when violence goes viral. How did she convince curmudgeonly cops to log into Twitter?

Lasting Impact

In today’s briefing, Detectives Dave and Dan, and forensic investigator Paul Holes, share personal stories of traumatic events they experienced on the job that left them struggling with post-traumatic stress. Joined by guest host Yeardley Smith, they discuss why there needs to be a renewed focus on mental health treatment for all first responders, and the urgent need to redefine when and how police officers are able to seek help when they inevitably experience tragic events that leave a lasting impact.