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Yael Bar Tur Goes Viral

In 2014, social media strategist Yael Bar tur took on one of the most significant projects in her career, when she was hired to revamp the public image of the New York Police Department. A year before, a federal judge had ruled the department’s controversial stop-and-frisk program was unconstitutional. For six years, Yael worked with the NYPD, weathering PR crises, building trust between civilians and law enforcement, and helping each city precinct develop its unique voice. Today, she sits down with Dan and Dave to talk about why every police department in the country should have a social media strategy and know how to respond when violence goes viral. How did she convince curmudgeonly cops to log into Twitter?

The Dance

In today’s briefing: You’ve got a suspect in the interview room. Do you want to break them down? Or build them up? Do you want a confession? Or to catch them in a lie? Detectives Dave and Dan walk you through their interview techniques and discuss the pitfalls of not being prepared. And they respond to your feedback from Classroom Safety Check.